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. . >>> a deposed president on trial. mohamed morsi faces court in egypt, accused of inciting murder. person myself myself >> hello from doha. we have comprehensive coverage of the mohamed morsi. >>> the u.s. secretary of state arrives in egypt. >> the m23 rebel leader declares a ceasefire in the democratic republic of congo, as the army bombbards their mountain hideout. >> another victim in peortooo pt , islanders -- peurto ryk j. >> mohamed morsi arrives in court in cairo for the first day of his trial. egypt now has two former presidents on trial, on almost the same charges. this is what we are seeing outside the police academy in cairo. the crowd has increased in the last half hour or so. 20,000 police and soldiers deployed around cairo in anticipation of violence for what is happening at the police academy today. there are, we should point out, another 14 muslim brotherhood members who are on trial as well as mohamed morsi, and the anti-coup alliance is there in support of them. >> this is the home town of mohamed morsi. protests from earlier. this is an hour or so ago.
, the trial of the ousted president mohamed morsi gets underway this morning and these are supporters outside of the academy where the trial is taking place. his supporters there have been gathering this morning. the trial at least we are hearing has been adjourned as we are saying because mohamed morsi has been defiant from the beginning and not recognizing the legitimate si and not wearing the overalls that is demanded in the case and the judge temporarily adjourned proceeding and we have dominick from cairo with the events up to this point. >> supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi outside the police academy where the former leader is on trial. they say he was forced from office illegally and they demand the charges against him be dropped. mohamed morsi is charged with insighting others to commit murder in connection with the deaths of several people killed in street fighting outside a presidential palace in december. 20,000 members of the security forces are on the streets of cairo determined to make sure the trial goes ahead. but public opinion about it is polorized. >> transl
and murder, if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty. >> arab leaders gathering in cairo to persuade syrian opposition forces to come to geneva ii. >> paul ciancia told police that he acted alone in the shooting at los angeles international airport. >> art imitating life. a moroccan artist drawing inspiration from real-life turmoil in the middle east. >> welcome to al jazeera america. former egyptian president mohamed morsi is at a cairo police academy to face trial for inciting riots and murder. mohamed morsi and his legal team arrived moments ago amid tight security. supporters of muslim brotherhood are planning protests. dominic kane brings us this report ahead of the trial. >> these are the first pictures of mohamed morsi to emerge since being deposed as president in july. loked by an egyptian newspaper, they are thought to show him during a meeting with foreign dignitaries that month. he says he was ousted by the military in a move that was illegal. >> translation: it's illegal. i'm the president, according to the constitution of the country. kout de tar means a stri
level visit there since the military removed president mohamed morsi in july. during kerry's 6-hour stay he called for the violence to end and the country to move towards full democracy. we have the latest from washington. >> the first stop made on the trip to the middle east was not to saudi arabia, but instead to cairo egypt. it's the first and highest ranking visit by a u.s. official since july 3rdrd. that's the day that the military removed mohamed morsi from his post as president of egypt and placed him under arrest. the u.s. has been quite anxious about what has been happening in egypt since, and it was john kerry's mission on sunday to deliver a message from the obama administration about what washington expects cairo to do in the weeks and months ahead. >> how can the united states reconcile working with the government and supporting the move to democracy? >> basically, let's put it this way - the trip was unannounced. in diplomatic terms that is in essence denying egypt the ability to say, "look, the united states is in support of what we have been doing here politically in the
on trial. the home and morsi insists he is still in egypt's legitimate -- mohamed morsi insists he is still egypt's legitimate ruler. the biggest anti-american protest in decades. and masterpieces of modern art seized by the nazis are discovered all these years later in a small apartment in germany. welcome to our viewers on public television in america, and around the globe. a defiant mohamed morsi harangue the judge as he started his trial in egypt today. he is still the country's president and the case against him is therefore illegal. this was his first public appearance since being toppled in july. he is accused of inciting the killing of protesters last year, and must now be transferred to a jail cell. >> a relaxed arrival at court for mohamed morsi. the ousted islamist wore a dark blazer. officials say he refused a prison uniform. only state tv was allowed to film, and released its footage without sound. coaccused joined his in a cage in the same courtroom where his predecessor, hosni mubarak, has been on trial. egypt's first democratically elected president, now behind bars and defi
say. mohamed morsi arrived looking quite relaxed with a dark jacket and a shirt, he waved at supporters when he came in, smiling, giving the four finger salute, a smile of opposition, and as soon as the judge began speaking, he began interrupting. he shouted out repeatedly, even at times when his voice was hoarse. he declared the trial was a part of a coup and that the coup was a crime. he interrupted again during the second session, which just concluded, saying twice -- i am the president, i am the president, you have no right to on presidential matters, this is a coup and a betrayal. he was surrounded by some of his fellow defendants, members of the muslim brotherhood he has not seen since he was removed in early july. he was smiling and gesticulating , having a conversation with them, he gave one of them a bear hug. we managed to speak with one of those defendants before the trial began, before the judge or mohamed morsi came to court. one of them claimed that one of the accused had been subjected to seriously ill treatment in prison. of theitical leader muslim brotherh
in mali. lemaitre wins france's most prestigious book prize. prix goncourt. the trial of mohamed morsi has to january 8. his trial at the high-security police complex outside cairo was suspended minutes after it began. morsi is the country's first ever democratically elected leader. he has been charged for inciting to the death led of protesters during his time in office. thomas waterhouse reports. >> day one of the morsi trial, and just hours after the hearing began, it is already adjourned. telling the court, "i am the president of the republic," morsi refused to don the customary white prison suit. he then succeeded in disrupting proceedings further by singing in court. leading the judge to push back the trial to january. >> sorry about that, we seem to be having technical difficulties. our correspondent catherine stably is at the courthouse in cairo. she gives us more details on what happened there this morning. mohamed morsi has refused to recognize the judge at the trial. he says it does not have any legitimacy. he has been taken away by helicopter. we saw him fly overhead and he is
president mohamed morsi appeared in court, charged with inciting murder and violence, but defiantly insisted he is still the country's legitimate leader. and hari sreenivasan tracks a new york city family trying to get by on one parent's eight- dollar-an-hour wage. >> it's easy looking, oh, yeah, with that money i'll be able to -- i won see anyone, i challenge you, do it. >> ifill: those are just some of the stories we're covering on tonight's pbs newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: billionaire investor steven cohen and his high- profile hedge fund agreed today to a record plea deal for insider trading. s.a.c capital advisors will admit to criminal fraud and pay $1.8 billi
is move to full democracy on his first visit to egypt since mohamed morsi was ousted. >> it was an ambush. we see it as an ambush. >> pakistani leaders blame the u.s. for sab damaging peace talks. >> murder charges laid after the shooting at lax. >>> secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east in the hopes of repairing tensions with gulf allies over syria. he will have stops in israel, jordan and saudi arabia. first a visit to egypt. this morning john kerry urged egypt to move ahead with democratic reforms, stressing u.s. ties with the country are vital. >> i wanted to first express to the egyptian people as clearly and force fully as i can, in no uncertainly terms, the united states is a friend of the people of egypt, of the country of egypt, and we are a partner to your county. >> john kerry's visit marks the first by an american official since the ousting of mohamed morsi in july. >> we have some news from sue with breaking news. you have information on the meeting with the arab league. >> yes, it's emerging that the discussions that the egyptian foreign minister and u.s. secre
. >> former president mohamed morsi - a visit from the u.s. secretary of state. >> i'm kath turner in new york where officials are battling two unprecedented events - hurricane sandy, and the two boston marathon bombings. >>> let's take you straight to cairo, where the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is holding a press conference with the egyptian foreign minister. i believe that we are listening to nazar speaking. >>... we believe that they are important for egypt. we'd like to further enhance this relationship in the interests of both countries, based on the priorities of each country. this afternoon, mr secretary, you are due to meet with the president and general abdul fatah al-sisi. for our part here at the foreign ministerry, we held constructive, frank and detailed construction of various issues and discussed how to move things forward in the interests of both countries. i affirm egypt's desire to have good and point of view relationship with the united states, based on our own priorities. >> translation: we'll open the floor for questions and then meet the president. >> we'll give
arrived in egypt. john kerry's first visit since the over throw of mohamed morsi. he's to make an appearance in court on monday, accused of inciting murder and violence. relations has been strained inns u.s. withdrew k since the u.s. withdrew some aid. >> this is john kerry's first visit since the deposing of mohamed morsi. what more do we know about the secretary of state's visit. >> we know he landed half an hour ago. he's already meeting the foreign minister in cairo. and he'll meet with the man behind the current government, the defence minister, abdul fatah al-sisi. >> we are hearing that the u.s. officials on the plan landing in cairo with the u.s. secretary of state was saying that he was expecting a frostry reception. we know they announced a freeze on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid to egypt last month, and also the transference of military hardware - like helicopters and tanks. it didn't go down well in egypt. the u.s. trying to draw a line in the sand saying to the new government - respect human rights, bring in democratic principles, stop your crackdown
foster and in the next 60 minutes: egypt's deposed president, mohamed morsi appears in court and rejects the entire process. the case is adjourned until january. >>> pakistan considers retaliation over u.s. drone strikes. >> hello there, i'm felicity bar, in london, the latest in europe, picasso and matisse. discovered in a flat in munich. from this to this. a suspect escapes disguised in a burka. >> so, the trial of egypt's deposed president mohamed morsi has been adjourned until the beginning of next year. earlier, he and other muslim leaders arrived in cairo to face charges. it was chaotic in the start. it was delayed, resumed, and finally with morsi failing to recognize the legitimacy of the court. thousands of pro-morsi suppor supporters staged protests, several were arrested and protests from a pro-government news channel, from the supreme constitutional court and the high court. an extra 20,000 security personnel were deployed across the capitol to deal with any trouble. dominic kane is with us from cairo. over to you dominic. >> well, david, the protests we saw earlier on today h
. a defiant mohamed mors morsi lat as his supporters take to the streets. >>> allegation he of spying by the nsa. ouousted egyptian president mohamed morsi refusing to wear his uniform and saying he is still the legitimate president of egypt. dominic kane has more. >> supporters of the deposed president mohamed morsi outside the facility where he is up for trial. and inned the charges against him be dropped. morsi is charged with inciting others to commit measured. outside a presidential palace in december. 20,000 members of the security forces are on the streets of cairo determined to make sure the trial goes ahead. that public opinion about it is polarized. >> translator: god will be on our side, the court will issue a verdict that will be for the sake of egypt and the egyptians to move forward. morsi was not fair at all. >> this trial has nothing to do with being fair or unfair. the man was the president. he had the full right to do whatever he wanted and to contact whoever he wanted. >> hundreds of people died in the 2011 revolution to force morsi's predecessor hosnne mubarak fr
a day before the trial of ousted president mohamed morsi begins. his visit kicks off a 9-day trip to the middle east, europe and north africa. this will be his first time in egypt since the july coup forcing mohamed morsi out of office. >> mohamed morsi supporters are protesting in cairo and other egyptian cities. >> in syria government forces trude to crush rebel controlled areas around damascus. assad's regime has been trying to secure the area for month. video appears to show the rebels firing from buildings. thick smoke you can see in another clip. al jazeera cannot verify the video. >> more than 100,000 people have been killed since the war began. >> meanwhile in another area of syria a giant statue of jesus stopped the violence briefly. government forces and rebels stopped fighting for three days so the 40 foot statue can be erected. a london based charity has been trying to install the statue for eight years. it overlooks a route to jerusalem. the statue was paid for by private donors. >> in yemen people are dead after fighting between muslim factions. the violence sparked
marks the first by an american official since the ousting of mohamed morsi in july. he urged egypt to move ahead with democratic reforms, stressing that u.s. ties with the country are vital. >> the u.s.-egypt relationship should not be defined by assistance. there are bigger issues that matter to us, that concern u that define the relationship. >> al jazeera's rosalind jordan joins us from washington. rosalind, the push for a democracy from the u.s. how does the u.s. reconcile a push for democracy whilst supporting the military-backed government responsible for the ousting of mohamed morsi? . >> it's a pragmatic reconciliation. it comes down to a couple of things - the peace treaty between u.s. and israel. the u.s. relies on their ability to deal with hamas and insurgent groups in the sinai in the peninsula. it's against u.s. interests to walk away from whatever is happening in cairo. the idea that because egypt had an amount of influence in the region, the u.s. wants to see the country move past the long-running political crisis and re-establish come democratically elected governm
accused of violence and murder and if convicted mohamed morsi could face the death penalty and fall out after a suspected u.s. drone strike kills the head of the pakistan taliban and the u.s. ambassador is going to islamabad. the trouble gunman accused of opening fire at lax and killing a tsa worker and they told him after they shot him he acted alone. and a traditional form of fighting hundreds of years old is in danger of getting knocked out by modern martial arts. good morning and welcome to al jazeera america, i'm stephanie, more than four months after egypt military coup the trial of the first freely elected president is underway and p.m. was over thrown on july 3 and held in a secret location until today. no pictures showing morsi in court have come out. he arrived earlier at a police academy in cairo for the start of his trial. these are live pictures of protesters outside the court building. morsi is charged with insightment to commit murder. supporters say the trial is political and claim it's part of the military crack down on the muslim brotherhood. 14 more brotherhood leader
been picked up, including the former president mohamed morsi himself. it comes a day after the trial that is supposed to be under way against the three leaders of the muslim brotherhood after it failed to get under way when the presiding judge pulled out, reduced himself and said it was impossible to try a case in which the defendants can't come to court. they couldn't come to court because security was so bad. all of this in the context of mohamed morsi's trial due to start. you can see this as a furthering of pressure on the muslim brotherhood. the government here - the courts called for the assets of muslim brotherhood to be seized. this is part of what could be seen as ratcheting up the pressure on muslim brotherhood prior to the trial of the ousted former president. >> most of the leadership is behind bars. is there a sense in egypt that the muslim brotherhood is a spent force? >> i don't think you could necessarily say that. certainly the representation of the muslim brotherhood on the streets is down compared to what it was months ago, years ago. they are still a presence on t
in july, which ousted former leader mohamed morsi. esam el-arian was a deputy leader of the muslim brotherhood's political party. we speak to dominique kane who joins us from cairo. what do you know of the circumstances of the arrest, and what is the significance? >> what we understand is in the early hours of the morning the police went to a house in new cairo suburbs of the capital. esam el-arian was found, they arrested him. there were pictures of him collecting bags and being taken away. he was taken to tora prison, where many of his colleagues in the muslim brotherhood, the senior leadership, is being held. the prosecutor is moving to the prison to start investigations with esam el-arian. this comes a day after the three leaders. mohammed badie and two colleagues were supposed to appear in the courthouse near tahir sqare in cairo. they didn't appear. the presiding judge at the time said he felt unease about a process in which the defendants could not be brought to a prison and reduced himself from that -- recused himself from that. it comes at a time when we have the trial of
is making an impromptu visit to egypt, the first since the ousting of president mohamed morsi. >> now bringing in sue turton. is kerry's visit a big deal to people in egypt? >> the egyptian people haven't really noticed that the u.s. secretary of state has landed in cairo. all the headlines at the moment in egypt are about the upcoming trial tomorrow, monday with the former president mohamed morsi. very few people turned up to the press conference to hear what john kerry and the minister said about their meeting. poddy language is interesting. they've had strained relations since the u.s. cut aid to egypt. they withheld military hardware, tanks, helicopters and jets. the egyptians were not pleased. the foreign minister said on saturday to reporters that they were looking beyond the u.s. for security needs, looking for multiple partners in the region. it was interesting to see the body language at the press conference, and talking about relations, how they would improve from now on, and thou john kerry was looking to egypt to improve its record on democracy, human rights and he believe
egyptian president mohamed morsi's trial is underway in cairo. this is a live look outside the courthouse where a large group of people have gathered. mohamed morsi is accused of in citing the murder of protesters. he says his ousting by the military was an illegal move. >> secretary of state john kerry is in the saudi arabia. he will meet with saudi arabia's king abdullah to discuss the syrian crisis, turmoil in egypt and concerns over iran's noouk lee program. secretary kerry met with egyptian officials. >> the shooting at los angeles international airport, the gunman talked with police moments after the rampage. cincinnati tolds them he acted alone, the admission coming after he was shot by officers. paul ciancia killed a t.s.a. employee on friday. he's in critical condition and under 24 hour civil rans. >> a record number of runners ran in the new york city marathon. tighter security was in place in the night of boston marathon. the race was cancelled last year because of superstorm sandy. >> those are the head lines, "real money" with ali velshi is up next. why howard buffet, son of
arein marred. u.s. secretary of state john kerry in egypt days before mohamed morsi's trial. yern breaks yet another soccer record. polls have closed in local elections in kosovo. serb participation in kosovo's political life is a key element of a european-union-brokered deal. today's voting was marred by reports of masked men strain -- storming the main polling center , throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes. >> they were only local elections. for kosovo's leaders, they were a barometer of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. >> knees on the first free elections for all of kosovo -- these are the first free elections for all of kosovo, and that makes them historic for all of our young nation. >> it was the first democratic vote since kosovo broke away from serbia. >> it is a test of democracy and our country, proof that everyone has a voice -- democracy in our hastry, proof that everyone a voice. >> one polling station closed after masked men stormed it, smashing ballot boxes. ethnic serb hard-liners called for a boycott. there were widespread reports of voter intimidation
president mohamed morsi is accused of rejecting the court. let's go to dominic kane. what can you tell us about those? >> the presiding judge in the trial of the three leading members of the muslim brotherhood, presiding over the cases, the situation, back to the fact that they were -- the three were supposed to have been brought today for a hearing in that trial. it's the second time that this has not been possible and there are those that said the security situation has prevented those three men from being brought to court. the court is very close to tahrir square. sut an emotive location might have caused the judge has effectively said this is not good enough and that the defendants need to be able to come back to court. insofar as the ousted former president mohamed morsi has said, he doesn't recognize the court that's going to try minimum next wednesday, he hasn't been appointed counsel and he doesn't recognize it at all. there will be a team of 25 lawyers who have observed what happened from a defense point of view but they are not an official defense, they don't representative him
to cairo took place a day before mohamed morsi's trial was about to start. kerry coming into the country, has to reconcile two policy aims, maintaining america's strategic relationship with egypt, which is strained, and promoting the path to democracy. despite difficulties he said the u.s. is committed to working with egiment gipt. i -- egypt. >> i wanted to express to the egyptian people in no uncertain tems, the united states is a -- terms, the united states is a friend of people of egypt, the country of egypt and we are a partner to your countedry. as i told minister federal farm services agency, egild -- told minister farmy we'll continue to work with and cooperate with the gst. we have much to work on. the minister and i discussed candidly the issues and challenges we face. we think there's agreement even as we need to keep faith with the roadmap and the path it has to continue the march to democracy. >> how is going doing there - pragmatic for two-faced? >> i think the reaction here is they almost feel that the americans rolled over on the calls for democracy, greater respect of hu
more violence as the trial of mohamed morsi starts in just a few hours. the muslim brotherhood, which morsi belongs to, has called for massive nationwide protests, which in the past have triggered violent clashes with the security forces. morsi hasn't been seen since he was ousted by the military on july 3rd after millions of egyptians poured into the streets, demanding he step down. he's also been held at a secret location. and as the anxiety here rises, secretary of state john kerry visited cairo today to try to smooth over relations which are at their lowest point in decades. the u.s. has suspended hundreds of millions of dollars in aid as the military has cracked down on the population. more than 1,000 of morsi supporters have been killed in clashes with security forces. the fear tonight is that number may rise as this trial gets under way. david? >> alex marquardt watching there in cairo. thank you. >>> and in munich, germany, tonight, news of a discovery there. a treasure trove of artwork reportedly stolen by the nazis. a german magazine revealing today some 1,500 paintings have
. >> a trial that has divided a nation has adjourned almost as quickly as it began. a defiant mohamed morsi appeared at his trial in egypt. the deposed president not only refused to wear the uniform, he rejected the charges against him, said he is the legitimate president. don nick kane from cairo. >>> egypt's president arrives for his are trial in cairo. for months he has been in detention at a secret location. his supporters greeted him with the sign of the anti-coup alliance. in the public gallery others joined in but some opponents were heard to shout "execute h him." morsi said he is still the president. the senior judge felt compelled to adjourn the trial for two months. mohamed morsi's son said his father felt the proceedings were a sham. in no human rights, no legal rights, are and the call of emergency, and emergency, it's knot constitutional case. it's not a legal case. we are in part of egypt. >> outside the courts hundreds of morsi supporters had heard the court might dismiss the case. across the country, many of morsi's supporters were on the march. this was the scene in front
in washington, two in the afternoon in cairo. mohamed morsi has gone on trial on charges of incitement to violence and murder. chaos continues inside the police academy, which is serving as a courtroom. he repeatedly told the judges that he is still the rightful president of egypt. alertty ships are on high with tear gas breaking up clashes between demonstrators. >> there was quite a bit of security for the start of this trial. biomarkers were kept well away from the heavily fortified courtroom. supporters soon arrived and there were confrontations. forces thatecurity they too would be put on trial to face the death penalty. egyptian journalists also felt the brunt of the anger. >> these protesters say that this court case is politically motivated and that they still believe that mohamed morsi is the legitimate president of egypt. they have not managed to disrupt proceedings at all. >> there are not yet pictures from inside the court, but these pictures were unverified but they did purport to show him for the first time, where he called recent events illegal. members wereing also charg
time bassem yousseff upset the authorities. he ended up in court in march for ridiculing mohamed morsi, president at the time. charges were dismissed, but the state commissioner called for this decision to be overturned. one of egypt's prominent news presenters was taken off the air, hinting that mohamed morsi's removal was a coup. she sees the banning of bassem yousseff's program as a sign that free speech is disappearing. >> what a blow to freedom of expression, free speech in egypt. that we have reverted back to january 2011, the red lines are back. obviously the red line now is the military. it's untouchable. >> a free press is virtually non-existent. few working for the private or state media are willing or allowed to criticise the government or substantiate. >> the foreign press is instructed to call the administration to say they'll be working each day. press freedoms are disappearing. >> in egypt we can't say there is a complete freedom of expression. freedom of speech. i don't think so. because in egypt now, i described the media. if you remember the era during the "'50s of th
mohamed morsi who were president at the time. the charges were dismissed. the state commissioner called for the decision to be overturned. >> mohamed morsi's removal from office was a coup, a journalist was taken off the air after indicating that. >> what a blow to free speech in egypt after a resolution. that we have reverted back to pre-january 2011, the redlines are back, obviously the red line now is the military, it's untouchable. >> a free press is virtually nn existent. few among those working for the private or state media are willing or allowed to criticise. the foreign press has been instructed to call the ministry saying they'll be working each day. press freedoms are disappearing fast. >> in egypt we can't say that there is a complete freedom of suppression, freedom of speech. i don't think so. because in egypt now, i described the state of egypt. the mekerfict era during the last century - only people have to be classified. whether you are against or pro or having the fear of last july. >> in his tweets over the summer, bassem yousseff said he was glad about the military co
to a vendor selling cakes with the face of mohamed morsi. he asked if he had any of abdul fatah al-sisi. the vendor says he does not do soccer players. "you don't like soccer players." bassem yousseff said i'll take the loft. it's sat iriccal, but the program has been taken off the air. >> the comedian has yet to respond. one of his production staff said there was nothing defamatory in the episode. it's not the first time youcef upset the authorities. he ended up in court in march for ridiculing mohamed morsi, who was president at the time. the charge were dismissed and the state commissioner called for this decision to be overturned. a prominent news director has also been taken off the air. >> the banning of youcef's program is seen as a sign that free speech is disappearing. >> what a blow to freedom of expression, free speech in egypt after a revolution. a revolution that we reverted back to pre-january 2011. the red lines are back. obviously the red line now is the military. it's untouchable. >> a free press is non-existent. few among those working for the private or state med
to the country since the ousting of former president mohamed morsi back in july. the secretary making the unannounced trip on the first leg of a 9-day tour through the middle east and north africa. connor powell streaming live from kabul, afghanistan with more. connor? >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in cairo today during what he described as turbulent times. the relationship between egypt and the united states in recent months has been needless to say rocky since the military coup. but kerry insisted the united states is a friend and partner to the egyptian government and to the people. this was kerry's first trip to egypt since the military coup over threw the democratically elected government in july. since then the military-backed government has killed hundreds of supporters of the former president mohamed morsi and arrested thousands more, mainly from the muslim brotherhood party. the white house will actually -- has cut a large part of the u.s. aid to egypt both financial and military aid to the country. and some of the secular groups that have backed the military coup
lucky this time. >>> egypt's former president mohamed morsi is on trial today. >> two terrifying days trapped between two buildings. >> how do we not hold the security guards, who would probably be dead right now. >>> edward snowden's request for clemency getting a thumbs down from the white house. >>> a fireball burning through a montreal neighborhood. >> oh my god that is not cool. >>> passengers at an airport were shocked when a small alligator was found under an escalator. >>> from 55 away, colts go to 6-2. >> seven touchdown passes for nick foles, that equals an nfl record. >> and all that matter. >> toronto's embattled mayor vows to ride the storm out after accusations he was caught on video smoking crack. >> i am not perfect. i have made mistakes. >>> auction day. >> oprah winfrey auctioned off some of her personal belongings over the weekend. >> usually gayle comes by my house on the weekends and says if you don't want that i do. >> announcer: "cbs this morning" brought to you by toyota, let's go places. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. margaret brenn
where mohamed morsi gets underway tomorrow. morsi is accused of inciting violence. >> the first democratically elected president, mohamed morsi, will stand trial on monday. this trial will be more procedural. this is the first time we expect to see the ex-president since he was ousted in a coup last july. morsi who is backed by the muslim brotherhood will stand trial on his charges of the violence around the palace. if convicted he faces life in prison or execution. >>> now to johannesburg. a long walk to freedom. it details nelson mandela's life. arwa is there. >> to say that south africans are highly anticipating the premiere of "long walk to freedom," that would be an underestimate. mandela sold the rights to his biography since he was in prison, so people have been waiting to see this for decades, and however, sadly, nelson mandela himself, he does remain in critical but stable condition. he continues to be looked after by a team of military doctors at his home here in johannesburg. >> great to have you here. victor, back to you now. >>> you may have heard the world's winema
since president mohamed morsi was ousted in july. the u -s has since suspended more than one billion dollars in aid to egypt. egypt relations should not be defined by financial aid.and that the suspension of aid is not a punishment. kerry also said that "president obama and the american people support the people of egypt," and urged egyptians to continue their "march for democracy." president obama is lending his help to the democratic candidate for virginia governor. the bitter campaign between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican ken cuccinelli is in its final lap. and voters will head to the polls tuesday. the presidents last ditch supposed to take place somewhere near washington. help from former president bill clinton and former clinton. the funeral for a nevada teacher -- gunned down by a student -- will be held later today. family and friends gathered yesterday -- to pay their michael landsberry. police say he died trying to shooting at sparks middle school. saturday's viewing say landsberry was more than a teacher. landsberry was a member of the nevada air national guard a
's what happened in cairo when ousted president mohamed morsi entered the courtroom. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel was inside the morsi trial. what were you seeing? >> reporter: well, i've been to quite a few trials over the years and norpally they are quite boring pro seed do you recall durl affairs, he started to say he was a victim of a show trial and victim of a coup. he wasn't the only person yelling. as he was screaming at the judge say this was all nonsense and the court was illegitimate. several journalists in the room, egyptian journalists who are pro hill military and support the coup against morsi, they started yelling at well and trying to shout him down. the journalists who were smoking and standing on chairs, some of them took off shoes. i thought one was going to throw his show at morsi and chanting, death, death, death, saying that he should get the death penalty. as you had the defendant, mohamed morsi yelling at the judge calling the trial illegitimate and you have journalists yelling death at the defendant. >> richard, that's an extraordinary
of dollars in aid rehe moved mohamed morsi. and it is scheduled to start tomorrow. >>> population boom is headed to contra costa county. they started closing navy bases in the area and there were high hopes of what would replace them. progress is slow and as ken wayne reports, concord is shaping up to be a much different story. >>> it is a rare sight in the densely populated bay area. >> open space and open canvas for developers. >> the weaponses station was the last of the major bay area military installations to close t while redevelopmentcontinues at hunter's point. alameda. treasure island. bases that closed year he is earlier. plans are moving quickly -- other base resist still finding their way. >> there is a potential we will be able to accelerate our development faster than the other bases. >> michael wright heads up the project. >> it is going to be a, i think, a real first class place to live. >> residents are going to move into new housing at the site. they will be surrounded by thousands of acres of open space and parks connected to mount diablo. that is hard to envision. y
the best work of their life." >>> 7:16. new in egypt this morning, former egyptian prod, mohamed morsi appeared in fourth for theist -- president, mohamed morsi appeared in court for the first time since he was removed from power. he says he's the legitimate leader and the court has no jurisdiction to put him on trial. the trial was adjourned until january. he's in a secret location while awaiting his trial. he could get the death penalty if convicted. >>> a man from mish twin claims he -- michigan claims he tipped off the fbi where to find osama bin laden. now he wants to be paid the $25 million reward. tom lee, he's an international jewelry marketer, says he told the fbi bin laden was hiding in pakistan in 2003. the fbi says bin laden's location was found using electronic intelligence and that it is likely bin laden didn't build his compound in pakistan until 2005. >>> 7:17. new information about the man accused in the deadly shooting at l.a.x. bob decastro is at the airport with more on what the suspect told police after the shooting and how it helped the investigation. bob? actuall
this time. >>> egypt's former president mohamed morsi is on trial today. >> thewo terrifying days trapped between two buildings. >> how do we not hold the security guards who would probably be dead right now. >>> edward snowden's request for clemency getting a thumbs down from the white house. >>> a fireball burning through a montreal neighborhood. >> oh my god that is not cool. >>> passengers at an airport were shocked when a small alligator was found under an escalator. >>> from 55 away colts go to 6-2. >> seven touchdown passes for nick foles, that equals an nfl record. >> and all that matter. >> toronto's embattled mayor vows to ride the storm out after accusations he was caught on video smoking crack. >> i am not perfect. i have made mistakes. >>> auction day. >> oprah winfrey auctioned off some of her personal belongings over the weekend. >> usually gayle comes by my house on the weekends and says if you don't want that i do. >> announcer: "cbs this morning" brought to you by toyota, let's go places. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell is off. marga
, in egypt, the post president mohamed morsi appear for trial. this was his first public appearance since he was ousted on july 3. mohamed morsi and 14 other defendants in the case could ace the death penalty. -- based the death penalty. the wall street journal reports eric schmidt is slamming the nsa for reportedly spying on the data centers, dolling it potentially illegal. he is registered complaints with the nsa, president obama and members of congress. we will hear more about the nsa and privacy issues at 10:00 eastern when we bring you live coverage of the president privacy and civil liberties oversight meeting. it is actually starting right now live on c-span to or watch it later anytime on our website at those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> what is the most important issue congress should consider an 2013? that is the question for the c- span video camera competition. make a 5-7 minutes documentary that include c-span video for your chance to win the grand prize of $5,000. this year we doubled the number of winners of total prizes. need more infor
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